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Best laptop backpack for travel

Body material :Best laptop backpack for travel
Trim : Micro fiber
Size : 27x10x41cm
Features : fit for 13" laptop, large capacity, soft handfeel, fashionable, durable
Best laptop backpack for travel
  • BP115495
  • Makak
  • Men
  • Fashion
  • Denim
  • Solid
Best laptop backpack for travel :Business computer backpack, the main material with nylon jacquard material, soft and delicate, comfortable and durable. With high-quality PU material, highlight domineering! Functional bags rich and practical. The main bag is provided with a 14-inch computer bag with thick PE cotton protection, and can be seen through the net bag, easy to separate different items easy to find. Bag space, but also place clothing, etc. Middle bag with mobile phone, pen Double-layer protection! Dorsal air diversion design, the use of thicker PE cotton and sandwich network material, can be placed on the side of the bag, can be placed in the cup, umbrella, Comfortable and breathable, reduce back friction!
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Best laptop backpack for travel  :Our company has 16 production lines, professional services for customers worldwide 19, OEM custom processing backpack oem
Best laptop backpack for travel :Our backpack products have been tested for tensile strength, hydrochloric acid, corrosion resistance, water resistance, color fastness, light testing, the number of tests used to ensure the quality of each backpack OK
Best laptop backpack for travel :Our backpack manufacturers should be through the Disney factory inspection of listed companies, to ensure quality and delivery
Now practice with us
1, 20 years backpack manufacturers, 21 exported to Europe and the United States factory, and the new beauty, Tooko friendly cooperation in the production plant.
2,16 production lines to meet the requirements of order delivery
3, is really factory quality assurance, quality assurance
4, the new beauty, Disney cooperation company quality assurance
5, their own R & D and production workshop
Rest assured that the products to our production, is your right choice!


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