How to choose a school bag for high school girls?

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The type of school bag you use depends basically on your work load and also your personal taste. There are so many different colors, styles, brands, shapes and sizes to choose from! How do you know which one works for you? Hopefully, this article can clear the fog for you and you'll know exactly what you want when you're through reading.

Consider your book load. Think about things like how many books you're going to have to take to your classes, how many assignments you get everyday, how much reading you're gonna have to do from your text books at home, or basically just anything that influences how much your bag will be able to hold.

Choose a bag that's suitable for your book load. You're going to choose from a variety of sizes, so try to be realistic when you are doing this. If it is that you're going to carry a lot of stuff, it's better to get a backpack with lots of space (use your discretion to choose a suitable size). On the other hand, if you have a locker where you keep most of your books, you can choose a smaller bag, like a regular backpack, for instance a Jansport knapsack. Backpacks are more ergonomic, but if you want, you can use a stylish tote bag. If you're not sure what that is, it's like a shoulder bag and they can hold a lot of stuff. Vera Bradley, Aeropostale or Juicy Couture totes are good choices. One idea of reducing the effects of a tote bag on your back is alternating shoulders everyday. So, like Monday, you'd wear it on your right shoulder, and the left on Tuesday, and so on.

You wanna choose a bag that you actually like, and you'll actually want to carry. Choose one that's in a color you like, make sure you like the style of the bag, and that it is very convenient. I would also recommend that you use bags of good quality that will last you the school year if you like.

It's always good to choose bags with multiple pockets or compartments if you want to be organized in school. Some backpacks have like, three or so parts; you can keep your binders and textbooks in one section, your notebooks in one, and smaller stuff in the small division. Some tote bags come with pockets on the inside for your phone or iPod, and some have a zippered pocket where you can keep your necessities. Just make sure you keep all your school supplies in the respective sections so you'll stay organized. So that's it guys! I hope these tips really helped and that you'll feel comfortable with your choice of bag the next time you buy one.


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