How to lighten your lightweight daypack backpack?

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Is your backpack putting unnecessary strain on your back? Here are some tips to help you lighten your load!

Use folders. Most of the weight in your backpack is probably coming from your binder. Get a nice folder for each class! This will greatly reduce the weight. If your teachers say you need a binder, try getting a smaller binder, or even using a separate, small one for each class. If you can't do any of the above, just organize and clean out your binder.

Review your schedule. Know which books you need at what times. Carry only the books you need for one or two classes at a time.

Clean it out. This is pretty obvious. Sometimes your backpack can get cluttered and filled with unnecessary items.

  • Take everything out. Go through it remove old assignments, trash, and anything else you don't need to carry around.

  • Pare down the supplies you carry, too. It's wise to carry a spare pen and pencil, but you probably don't need ten. This goes for personal items, too. Carry a travel-sized hairbrush if you want one, but skip the bulging makeup bag or trim it to just the basics.

  • Clean periodically, perhaps once per week.

Spread out the weight. Your backpack will feel heavier if all the weight is in one place. It'll pull on your back. Try spreading all the weight out evenly, and putting the heavier things closer to your back.

  • Use both straps. Using both straps spreads the load that you do have to carry over both shoulders. Look for a backpack rather than a messenger bag or tote bag with only one strap. Also, next time you purchase a backpack, look for something with a waist strap and even a chest strap. These help to distribute the weight further.

  • Adjust the straps so they're a comfortable length. On most backpacks, you simply pull down on the end of the strap to shorten and pull up on the clip to lengthen.

  • Leave your textbooks at home. This will depend upon the class and the teacher, but if you don't need the book in class, leave it at home for reference and homework.

  • Talk to your teachers if having textbooks in class is a requirement. You may be able to bring your book only on days when you need it, or you may be able to leave it at home if you ask.

  • Carry some items outside your backpack. This may mean not having your hands free, but carrying your lunch box, water bottle, gym bag, or musical instrument in your hand rather than your backpack could help spread out the weight and the bulk. Leave these items in a locker, too, if you can.

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