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How to maintenance for a best travel backpack brands?

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How to maintenance for a best travel backpack brands

There are some skills about the right way to carry the heavy backpack. Here are some convenient ways, put the backpack on a certain height, take the shoulder into the shoulder belt, leaning forward, stand up on the legs.

If there is no place to put hig, take the backpack on a knee(in front of the strap),and the hand is keeping the backpack under the control,the other hand grasping the shoulder belt swivel,then one arm through into the shoulder strap,the other arm is easier to enter.

When u are walking, belt tension,resulting in the crotch will handle most of gravity. Released the shoulder strap that the top of the shoulder strap is 45 to 60 degree angle. So that it is quite easy to carry without heavy feeling.

If there are occupied by heavy objects, all of them should be placed on average. To  buckle with the chest tightly,so that the backpacker did not fall after the move, his hands holding the adjustment zone between the shoulder and backpack.

The body slightly forward, so when u are walking,the gravity is actually relay on the waist and hip area without pressure. When u encounter unexpected events, the upper limb can be used flexibly.

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