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How to make your lightweight hiking backpack look unique?

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Sew on ribbons.   Make a ribbon bow  and sew it onto your book bag. Ask a parent or a friend to help if you don't know how to sew.
Add stick-on objects.  Try adding some stick-on eyes, a stick-on nose and a stick-on mouth. Find these and other sturdy, stick-on objects at toy stores, craft stores, and novelty stores.
Braid patterns out of string.  Use embroidery floss to make braids and other string attachments that you can hang from zippers or buttons. There are many styles and patterns to explore, including like square knots, loom knits, and fishtail braids.
Tie on pieces of cloth.  You can tie pieces of cloth to your zipper tabs; you can emblazon this cloth with prayers, quotes, and any other words or images that you feel represent you. These are individual to you and are very easy to make. Find an old towel or sheet and cut it into strips that are big enough to write on. If the sheet isn't yours, make sure to ask permission.
  • Try using men's ties. You can find racks of colorful used ties at many thrift stores, or you can ask your dad for an old tie that he never wears. Glue the ties onto the sides of your backpack, tie them onto the straps, or cut up the fabric to arrange a unique pattern.
  1. Glue on rhinestones or studs.Are you a glam-girl or an edgy rocker? If you have some rhinestones or studs, you can easily apply them to a backpack with fabric glue or hot glue. Be careful when handling hot glue--it can scald your fingers and stick to the skin!
    Make a pop-up figure. People will be amazed when you open your backpack to get something, and suddenly all your favorite TV characters and animals pop out at you. You will need to cut out and decorate pieces of paper, fold them, and tape them to the inside of your backpack.
    Tape pictures onto the backpack. To make them more permanent, laminate them or cover both sides in clear tape. Attach them with strong tape or glue. You can also punch a hole in the photo (with scissors, a needle, or a hole-punch) and use a key-ring to attach the picture to a zipper.

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