How to shorten the Straps of backpack with cooler?

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How to shorten the Straps of backpack with cooler?

Trimming the Straps

Adjust your bag straps to a comfortable length.  The top of the straps should rest comfortably on your shoulders. You should put the backpack on and adjust the straps until the bag fits well, with no sagging below your behind.
Cut the nylon straps.  You will need to cut them so there is 1 inch (2.5 cm) of extra nylon sticking out past the plastic adjustment mechanism. Use fabric scissors or kitchen shears to get a clean cut on both straps.

Fold over the extra inch into a half-inch square.  Then, staple over the fold about three times. Be careful, as this will leave no room for adjustment in the future! You may want to leave 3-4 inches of strap for future serious backpacking trips.

Melt the folded area slowly with a cigarette lighter.  Make sure to do this outside as it will result in some smelly fumes that may not be ideal indoors or in an enclosed space. [4]  Hold the lighter under the straps and slowly move it back and forth over the straps several times.

  • The frays of the strap will melt into a single, thicker layer, which is too big to fit through the plastic adjustment mechanism. This will keep the rest of the strap from pulling through the adjustment mechanism.
Remove the staples after the nylon has cooled.  Use a staple remover to avoid finger pricks or accidents. Make sure to throw out the staples afterwards.
How to shorten the Straps of backpack with cooler

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