How to shorten the Straps of best backpack cooler?

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Backpacks have two straps to give leeway for the backpacker to adjust their style or comfort level. Over time, worn out straps may slip through the mechanism, and manage to throw the weight off one shoulder and onto the other. Some serious hikers may also consider shedding some pounds by cutting off the excess straps. Here are some ways to adjust, trim, or tuck your straps away for a different school, hiking, or traveling adventure.

Using the Shortening Mechanism on the Backpack
Put the backpack on and adjust the straps.  The cushion on the top of the strap should rest evenly and comfortably on top of your shoulders. The backpack should not sag below your behind. Instead, it should run parallel to your back when you are walking. [1]

  • If you notice the backpack sagging below your behind, there may be too much weight in the backpack or you may need to get a backpack that has a reinforced bottom so it does not sag.
Measure each side of the straps to ensure an equal distribution.  You can measure each strap by taking off the backpack and holding each strap taunt next to each other. Make sure both straps are the same length as uneven straps may strain your body, especially your neck and shoulders. As well, even straps will ensure there is an equal distribution of weight when you wear your backpack.
Fold the remaining material.  You may need to make one to two folds to tuck the straps under the tightening mechanism. You may also cut the remaining material if the straps are too long and you have no future use for them. Leave 2-4 inches for room to adjust.
  • If you cut the material, melt the folded area with a lighter.
Tuck the material under the mechanism.  Feel free to reinforce the fold with some twine or rubber bands to help the straps to stay in place. You can tie the twine around the fold and secure it with a knot or wrap rubber bands around the fold to secure it in place.

How to shorten the Straps of best backpack cooler

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