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The 2016 Spring Canton Fair of Endian backpack factory

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On 15th October 2016,the 120th China import and export commodities fair(Canton Fair) had held in Guangzhou. Since 1957 , Canton Fair has been held for 60 years. It was the most comprehensive international trade exhibition in China, which has the oldest history, the largest area as well as a huge number of purchasers with a total of 2.45 enterprises from home and abroad.

Canton fair will be ended on 4th November 2016.During the period, merchants had gathered from all over the world that promoting the ties and development of economic trade between the Guangzhou and world.As the past 60 years, Guangzhou specialized in the area of innovation to create the new style of international city instead of the old history city, which making the Canton Fair more and more glamour.



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